Many of the terms used in online poker games are related to the way in which the poker game is played. These terms are also used to describe different types of hands. The term “live one” is used to describe a player who plays a lot of hands but doesn’t win very much. Another term that’s used is “card shark,” which refers to a person who knows a lot about card games. Another term that is used in online poker is “shill.” A shill is a person who uses the poker forums to justify themselves and throw other players off track.

Another term you will hear is “underdog.” This term refers to the position to the right of the dealer button. When a player is in the underdog position, they will need to get three cards into the middle of the hand. This is a situation that is impossible to avoid, and it can cost the player a lot of money.

A nosebleed table is a table where the game is played with more than six players. Normally, these games feature nine or more players. During a game of online poker, it’s normal to see more than six players, but a true nosebleed is usually nine or more. Another poker game term is “gap hand.” This refers to a starting hand where at least one card is higher. In an online poker game, you can make a two-gap hand with a gap of one or two ranks.

Another term that’s commonly used in online poker games is “tanking.” This means that players take too long to decide. While this may sound like a good tactic, it’s actually against the rules. This can result in the player being kicked out of a tournament, and their money confiscated.

In online poker game terminology, there are many words that can confuse new players. Some of these terms are similar to real world poker terms. For example, you might have heard of a Cambodian Slick. This is a hand where a player has a pair of aces. In cardrooms in New York, this is known as a Cambodian Slick. Another term you may have heard of is cardrack. A cardrack is a player who has a good hand for an entire session or tournament.

Another term in online poker game terms is “flopping,” where a player intentionally announces his action before it’s his turn to act. This is a tactic that’s considered unfair by other players. In a poker tournament, a player can win a bounty if he eliminates an opponent. In some tournaments, this bounty may be set for a specific player, while in others it’s awarded to every person eliminated.

Another term related to the game of poker is c-bet. It’s a term that describes a player who places a bet of 100x the big blind or the small blind. This is a tactic used to project strength and pressure to opponents. While it’s often considered a bluff, it can help a player win with a weak hand.